Experiences with Using TCM with Reflexology

Experiences with Using TCM with Reflexology

Case 1


A 48-year old female with cancer – she’s been having chemotherapy and radiotherapy over the past 10 months. She was depressed stressed, exhausted and physically yinyang

After a treatment using the shen-cycle balance technique, she felt immediate relief. She felt calmer, less nauseous, and slept that night in a way that she hadn’t for months.

As a result, she woke up the next morning with more energy and a more positive outlook on life.



Case 2

A 42-year old female – major day and night sweats, low blood sugar levels in the afternoons and general hormonal imbalance. After a treatment balancing meridians using the 5-phases reflex massage and advice about optimum eating times using the 24-hour clock system, the sweats were reduced by at least 60%, blood sugar levels stabilised, and consequently her mood lifted over the following days.

By Penny Henderson