Using TCM with Reflexology

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There are many applications of TCM in reflexology. Its use will add finesse to reflexology treatments and increase your effectiveness as a practitioner. The subtle use of Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts combines really well with reflexology, throwing light on complex cases, helping clients understand themselves better and adding beautiful techniques to enrich you palette of skills.

At this two day workshop we will review the meridians and Five Elements and examine ways of applying TCM to our case histories. We will learn effective ways to incorporate meridian and Five Element work into a reflexology session including:

  • Client assessment using TCM to assist the evaluation
  • Case study analysis from a TCM perspective
  • Meridian Brushing
  • A sequence for meridian massage of the lower legs and forearms
  • Understanding the 24 hour clock
  • Linking via the Five Elements

Using TCM with Reflexology Review


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About the Presenter

Sue Ehinger, (MRAoA, Dip. Reflex.) has been practising reflexology since 1985. Sue completed her initial training in Switzerland followed by studies with the International Institute of Reflexology. She has studied Chinese methods of Reflexology in Beijing as a guest of the China Reflexology Association, as well as learning the Danish approach in Denmark. She is passionate about seeing reflexology used by more health professionals and her particular focus is postgraduate training for qualified reflexologists. Since training in the various facets of the Sorensensistem in Reflex therapies with Lone Sorensen, she is also accredited to teach this modality Australia-wide and in NZ. Sue practises reflexology and other related therapies from her clinic in Nords Wharf, Lake Macquarie. Phone 02 4976 3988 for an appointment or visit