Diploma of Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ Parts 3 & 4

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Cost: $1,250.00   + GST           Early Bird:  $1,100.00  + GST

In  Pymble, Sydney


These two modules continue your training in Facial Reflexology and give you skills to treat any condition with the time-tested techniques that Lone has developed working with thousands of clients for more than 30 years.

Who can attend?

This course is open to those who have attended Facial Reflexology Parts 1 & 2.

Course Content
Part 3:

  • Review of Parts 1 & 2
  • Cybernetic Therapy: 564 Vietnamese Nerve Points are a powerful addition to every Facial Reflexology treatment. They are used for symptom treatment and to address the ‘biggest deposit’.
  • Facial Muscle Stimulation: used to treat facial paralysis, facial muscle tension and wrinkles.
  • Practical work.

Part 4:

  • The Yamamoto Method: developed in Japan, this method uses new face and head maps to effectively treat pain, paralysis, serious organ problems, hearing and visual problems.
  • The Intestinal Link: a powerful technique for the treatment of hormonal problems by linking reflexes along the colon (on the face) with the plexus points.
  • Facial Reflexology for women in labour.
  • Overview of technique selection.
  • Practical work and Diploma assessment.

Comments from previous course participants

“I am so grateful and thankful for this fantastic course. And thank you for bringing this to Australia. Facial Reflexology is Such a powerful modality and it is excellent that Lone has such high standards as it protects the integrity of the practice”.

Jeanette Avins, Perth

�� I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I can’t quite believe my luck in finding you and this course, as it is exactly what I wanted to be doing. I have enjoyed it immensely and have certainly learnt an enormous amount and met some wonderful people. Over the years, I have studied at University, TAFE and completed Diploma courses. I wanted to let you know that I have never had a lecturer who has delivered a course and skill as you do. I can say quite truthfully that I have sat for eight days and been completely enthralled with your knowledge and understanding of the human body. It is very rare to hold an audience as you do. I thank you for your time, energy and willingness to share your passion with others”.
Adele Williamson, Sydney

About the Presenter

Sue Ehinger, (MRAoA, Dip. Reflex.) has been practising reflexology since 1985. Sue completed her initial training in Switzerland followed by studies with the International Institute of Reflexology. She has studied Chinese methods of Reflexology in Beijing as a guest of the China Reflexology Association, as well as learning the Danish approach in Denmark. She is passionate about seeing reflexology used by more health professionals and her particular focus is postgraduate training for qualified reflexologists. Since training in the various facets of the Sorensensistem in Reflex therapies with Lone Sorensen, she is also accredited to teach this modality Australia-wide and in NZ. Sue practises reflexology and other related therapies from her clinic in Nords Wharf, Lake Macquarie. Phone 02 4976 3988 for an appointment or visit:  www.journeytowellness.com.au