Redefining Reflexology

Redefining Reflexology

You have at best 30 seconds to capture someone’s attention when you are presenting yourself and what you do, and reflexology has always been difficult to define in a way that does not set it apart from mainstream therapies.

Recently I was attending a seminar where most other participants were from the corporate sector – Human Resources Management, Sales Training etc. We were each asked to introduce ourselves and what we do to the group.   Remembering other similar occasions, I cautioned myself to take a different tack – one which business people might identify with more.

“I work in Stress Management” I said confidently “I use strategies and techniques such as reflexology, guided relaxation and visualisation, and lifestyle counselling”

I looked around the room and saw interested, bright eyes and relaxed, open postures everywhere.  In the break I was asked more about what I do, and was able to hand out several business cards. This experience has taught me some major lessons about how to promote reflexology to the wider community, and how to promote my own practice to increase my clientele.

Reflexology is different, and many people feel uncomfortable when they don’t understand or can’t put something new into context. By putting the emphasis on the benefits of reflexology rather than a textbook definition we help them feel more comfortable about something different.

It is much easier for people to identify with terms such as stress management which are already so widely used.

There are many benefits of taking this approach. It gives you a focus and will therefore draw clients in this category to you. It gives you a profile which helps you promote your services to other professionals for referral purposes.

It will also help you select a practice name which will say more about your practice than your own personal name can, and it tells others what is special and different about you.

Here are some other ideas for defining reflexology:

“I specialise in pain management. I use reflexology and other relaxation techniques to help people with problems such as back and neck pain, migraines and headaches, neuralgia and shingles etc”

“I am a Foot Pamperer – in an hour of magical bliss I will kneed, stretch, massage and pamper your feet, as well as stimulate the pressure points which relate to every part of your body. You will be pleasantly surprised at how you respond by quickly relaxing and feeling more energised”

“I work with HSC students, helping them cope better with their stress levels using strategies and techniques such as reflexology…etc”

“I help couples prepare for pregnancy using reflexology to optimise the health and vitality of their bodies.”

Why not create a special description of what you do or even a series of them, each for a different type of client, and watch your practice grow.