Japanese Cosmo Face Lift

Sorensensistem™ with accredited instructor – Sue Ehinger Dip.Reflex

 24th & 25 March 2018


The Japanese Cosmo Lifting method is a combination of different Facial Reflexology techniques to affect the face from within.

The technique combines methods from Oriental Medicine using reflex points on the face related to the meridians, the South American zones and Vietnamese reflex points and areas on the face. This work is enhanced by the addition of a Japanese technique that uses reflex points to stimulate the lymphatic system.

The Japanese Cosmo lifting method stimulates and balances all organs, including the skin, the biggest organ of the body. It balances the muscle tone of all muscles and acts on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin naturally.

As Japanese Cosmo lifting is a very relaxing treatment, all stress related tension will disappear from the muscles of the body, including the face muscles.

Who can attend?

This course is open to those who have attended Facial Reflexology Modules 1 & 2.


Course Content

  • Theory and methodology of Cosmo Lifting for treating clients.
  • Theory of the emotional relationship to expression.
  • How to use NP points to change facial expression.
  • Methodology of Dr. Wong for individual muscles.
  • Theory of chemistry responsible for skin flaccidity, lack of tone in facial musculature and tissue.
  • Combination of neurological points for skin flaccidity.
  • Practical work.

About the Presenter

Sue Ehinger, (MRAoA, Dip. Reflex.) has been practising reflexology since 1985. Sue completed her initial training in Switzerland followed by studies with the International Institute of Reflexology. She has studied Chinese methods of Reflexology in Beijing as a guest of the China Reflexology Association, as well as learning the Danish approach in Denmark. She is passionate about seeing reflexology used by more health professionals and her particular focus is postgraduate training for qualified reflexologists. Since training in the various facets of the Sorensensistem in Reflex therapies with Lone Sorensen, she is also accredited to teach this modality Australia-wide and in NZ. Sue practises reflexology and other related therapies from her clinic in Nords Wharf, Lake Macquarie. Phone 02 4976 3988 for an appointment or visitwww.journeytowellness.com.au

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